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This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. How wrong I was or how wrong the summary was. Now she is gone, maybe she took the advice, maybe she disappeared to make a completely fresh start. Thanks to him I finally have the body I deserve. It made them look CONFUSED. Mystery as graphic designer, 25, is found dead in her parents' garage. It's not. There are scenes that I loved the way it was framed. At first, I thought this movie would be some silly chick-flick that ended with your typical love story or something similar, but it was nothing like that. Ever since I kind of liked her, so I had no reason to skip it despite whatever the response it got. The verdict was delivered Wednesday afternoon. I think the way Allison Burnett structured everything was very cool and the ending was thought-provoking. His professional attitude and knowledgeable fitness advice were like nothing I had ever seen. The most of the people does not aware of this movie's existence. An exploration of the potentially dangerous allure of the DW: I'd like to discuss your recent problems involving your lead actress Britt Robertson's refusal to promote the film. If we did not cast her now, however, we would Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt is taking a year off before college to find her passion. Stepfather's attitude is unacceptable: Would you let your daughter be back with someone who assaulted her? To her mother (Molly Hagan)'s dismay, she's deferring college for one year. She far preferred to play Katie. Currently you are able to watch "Ask Me Anything" streaming on Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Freevee for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Microsoft Store. I just hope that in years to comes when she is reminded by fans how incredible she was in the part it occurs to her that maybe what she did was not just unethical but foolish. Then I heard the same thing about the producers of The Longest Ride. With some of the industrys leading fitness trainers, Hard Bodies Personal Training has managed to become the center of attention for those who have the drive to stay fit! The environment is chaotic and shes drenched in fear about the world around her and is woefully unprepared. TV show appearances scuttled. I have not seen the trailer for this film or known what it was about when I watched it. The story of a 18 year old girl who decides to b read the rest. Eventually, Katie's fearless narrative begins to crack, and dark pieces of her past emerge. But worth it because Britt's attitude and work ethic were exemplary, and her performance is undeniably once of the best any young actress has pulled off in years. And, as you correctly pointed out, very, very expensive. Me not having anything else to watch I said sure why not. If anyone watching the movie wonders how a small indie managed to capture real Halloween and real Christmas in the same movie it's because we actually shot at both times. Monday Friday6:00 a.m. 10 p.m.Saturday & Sunday8 a.m. 5 p.m. Fitness modeling has always been my life time dream. With Jasons help I finally dropped 47lbs and fast. Then we see her mom, her employers, her friends all played by different actors from the movie, as if we had been seeing a real story, But the better interpretation is all those we see through 90% of the movie are "characters" that her blog represents, in most cases some exaggerations inserted. Making an indie movie requires a huge exertion of time and energy to raise the independent capital or attract a production company that will secure that freedom. If you have never seen the movie the high rating may seem silly. The movie is hardly explicit, but Katie's sexual encounters had to feel real. Haunted by the past, and so refusing to sail on. I am extremely happy with the results of his extensive personal fitness training and all natural health supplement advice. However, it failed to do just that. But Britt refuses to help us promote the film. The room in your house is the safest place for her. This is not a ditzy teen movie. External Reviews Take my advice and call him today! WebMovie Info Elle Overton, a college student, becomes obsessed with Katie Kampenfelt, the I worked with her almost every day for weeks until I discovered five days before shooting that she refused, despite previous assurances to the contrary, to shoot nudity of any kind. Eventually, Katie's fearless narrative begins to crack, and dark pieces of her past emerge. WebShopping. The main reason I fell in love with Ask Me Anything was the reality of it. And the writing wove a very complicated story into a tapestry of challenges for the young Kate that had me identifying with her over and over. This article first appeared on CultureCatch.com. The movie seemed pretty straight forward while watching. User Ratings I was interested to see her in this type of character. On top of an amazing cast, this movie felt completely authentic. But somehow this beautiful, funny, free-spirited teenager has lost her way. WebCOURSES. Maybe it's a combination of all of the above. Don't miss a beat. My Name is Jessica, For years I struggled with my weight, gaining and losing in matters of weeks. Yes, I loved the story line, but the actual detail in both the book (Undiscovered Gyrl) and film were what sealed the deal. Blown away by a movie I did not have on my radar Paradox - odd film, very well done technically, still very odd. WebBeautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt is taking a year off before college to find her passion. I know she has done some TV shows and other movies but I can't wait to see her in Tommarowland. She I finally feel like the women Ive always knew I could be. Shes quite upfront about Facebook. DW: You think the fact that she is about to become famous is the reason she has disappeared? He made loosing 21 lbs easy.After following his nutritional guidelines and personal training routine I achieved the ultimate results. Based on the book by writer-director.Britt Robertson, in a very good role, was about 22 or 23 during digital capture, she plays 17 just turning 18 Katie Kampenfelt. Which I suppose is possible, as Britt's boyfriend Dylan O'Brien, star of The Maze Runner, is quite close with teen idol Max Carver, one of the three men Katie sleeps with in the movie. DW: Okay, so let's flash forward. The story and direction are really good, additionally, you will see a good cast and a very pleasant surprise regarding Britt Robertson (Katie). I would recommend Jason to anyone with high fitness goals. The letter was so beseeching and heartfelt that I gave her the role, even though it meant shooting the movie in two installments. But the short biography at the end of the movie seemed like something out of a Forensic Files episode.. I feel like they wanted to do so many things in one film.ALTHOUGH, BRITT ROBERTSON definitely did great with her character. I have not seen this film mentioned anywhere and I'm quite shocked as it is a great teen drama. She is not using her credit cards so what happened. Most people loved the movie, but hated the ending. Jason is extraordinary! Kay Felder-- a 2016 NBA Draft pick who currently plays in the G League -- I was diagnosed with Diabetes years ago mostly due to my poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Britt Robertson melds into her role perfectly, and the cinematography/use of her correspondence via social media is a brilliant new effort. AB: No. Or a thriller film? Did they want to make a romantic-drama film? It was a nightmare for us, because without a brilliant Katie, there was no point in making the movie. Apple Inc. You'd be confused on whether to describe it as something that's easy to relate to or something so stupid, that it shouldn't have been written. Cinematography is also fairly strong yet isn't extravagant enough to distract from the unfolding story. How do I stay fit? But I see a more wide message because, even when the trigger is the abuse in Katie's childhood, the problem is not recognized, underrated or even increased by the attitude of society and mostly by men (sad to say, but the behavior of the men in the movie is very common in real life).Katie's attitude regarding how she handles their sexuality, and her behavior in general, is very understandable when you see how she has been hurt in the past, the lack of communication and support which this young girl has had, as many others in real life, during the most vulnerable moments of her life: the childhood and adolescence. WebWe would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. She said that she had never been more proud of anything she had ever done and that she would do anything to help promote the film. A story has to have an ending. Its important to keep our clients bodies guessing which will bring the best results. I spoke at length with my producers, and we The acting by Robertson is tops. So she makes up the excuse that she wants to spend a year "finding herself" so that she can stay closer to him.On the advice of a school counselor she initiates a blog, "Ask Me Anything" under a pseudonym. Good chick-flick for guys who love cinema, that is! No, the ship is sailed. Based on the book named 'Undiscovered Gyrl'. Support. The results are unbelievable! Click here to login or here to sign up. Her counselor suggests that she write a blog. Founder of Hard Bodies Personal Training in 2009 me and my elite team of upscale professional personal trainers NYC bring a variety of fitness programs for its clients to choose from. Plus, her reps have been fighting tooth and nail to have the "best-faith efforts to promote" clause expunged from her contract. So she finds a job as a nanny and soon starts an attraction with the man of the house, 40-something businessman (Christian Slater).So we see Katie struggling with life's issues, her boozing dad hospitalized, her boyfriend getting too familiar with her best friend, and a number of other things. or simple frustration with it all. Through these transitional exercises I am able to keep my body in a show floor condition. A 'coming-of-age' story about a young woman who has some serious flaws. Jasons expertise in his field was unparalleled. I don't know but I think this movie is great for our generation to watch because it focuses on what is reality and what is fake. Katie Sorenson was found guilty of making a false report when she said in late 2020 that her two young children had been abducted. Not only did I lose the weight but also I was able to keep it off. Her claim got her tens of thousands of new followers. By this point I love this Katie character and no matter what bad she does I still like her. She was ideal for Katie Kampenfelt in so many ways, but she seemed to be struggling with the lighter side of the character. 2023 Flicksmore.com All rights reserved. Typical of her generation, Katie Kampenfelt is switched on and always connected. As a personal trainer I would easily say he is this best. I accomplished my goals with his in home personal training and nutrition guide.His program was fun and interesting! Her mother's boyfriend Mark finds out that Warburg has a criminal sexual past and she's forced to quit. The film's beginning is deliberately deceptive. Login to create it. AppleTV & Privacy Our personal training gyms and private studios are located all over Manhattan. Katie Sorenson was found guilty of making a false report when she said in late 2020 that her two young children had been abducted. Shopping. It's similar in theme to the magnificent "White Bird in a Blizzard", but sadly lacks the structure to give it the same mounting discomfort. Our health and fitness programs are very unique compared to other personal training companies. Your quest to find a personal trainer in NYC ends today! WebWatch Ask Me Anything online now. Elle Overton, a college student, becomes obsessed with Katie Kampenfelt, the mysterious heroine of a novel she's just finished reading. We brought in dozens of more girls. It's about a parenting expert, single mother of two, who falls in love with a wonderful man. It stinks. Society is bigot and hypocrite, so you must prepare, protect and teach your love ones for that. I knew we had found our Katie. Ive worked with several personal trainers in the past without the results. Eventually, Katies fearless narrative begins to crack, and dark pieces of her past emerge. She was, to put it mildly, over the moon. Join our mailing list and get latest movie alert! 58K likes, 2,820 comments - Alec Baldwin (@alecbaldwininsta) on Instagram: "I owe everything I have to this woman. Ive been a New york fitness model for over 10 years. Through his intense nutrition and training regimens.I highly recommend Jasons personal training program. It is not a good behavior of course, but she really asks and needs love, support and comprehension. After battling my weight for over 20 years, I finally achieved the ultimate weight loss. Jasons health, personal training knowledge, and nutritional advice changed my life and i lost 60lb in 18 weeks. It arrived an hour too late. A jury found Katie Layne Quackenbush guilty of reckless endangermentin the shooting of a homeless man in Nashville in 2017. | Our personal trainers can also provide in-home personal training sessions in the following neighborhoods. There are strong performances throughout, especially for Britt Robertson (Katie), and all the characters came across as mostly believable. He is not just a successful Hollywood screenwriter, a respected novelist, and a published critic and poet, but also a film director. In the middle of this madness, I got a letter from Britt, telling me that she had heard that I had lost my Katie, and that she was still desperate to play the part. Britt's other movie was shooting in New York City. The acting was superb and the character of Kate was adorable. There were small moments where I wondered why a scene was there or if the story was driven forward by that scene but they were so fleeting that I gave this film a 9-star rating. | She plans to seduce Dan, a thirty-two-year-old film professor. Listen carefully to the dialogue, some of it is pretty deep.. But because of a disastrous mistake by our casting director, the offer took four days to reach Britt's agent. I began working with Jason as a New Years resolution and by May I lost 56 lbs.Thanks to Jasons amazing nutritional strategies, innovative exercise programs and cardiovascular routines I was able to achieve the body I always wanted. This film was so much more than mindless entertainment and kept expanding every step of the way. It was so easy to relate to her story. Which is based on fitness assessment, fitness goals, and body type. She is learning and growing up and then we are left like her mother with nothing. All I can say is go train with Jason! WebAnother Girl. His work outs were fun and exciting.I actually wanted to go to the gym to workout with him. But something had occurred between the time I gave her the role and the movie's moving toward its release: Britt had landed the leads in two giant movies -- Disney's Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney, and the new Nicholas Sparks film, The Longest Ride. Because of Jasons intense nutritional guide lines and extensive strength training. AB: I missed it. She is attractive and bright but has a secret. I just saw this now, on Netflix streaming movies. First of all, I would like to make it clear that I have not read this book, nor did I see any previews for the film before I rented it. Later, after I had seen dozens of actresses for the role, I learned that Britt had been offered a small role in a studio comedy whose schedule conflicted with ours. She has something special. Youll love it. The movie also won Best Music there. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From the blurb about this film I expected it to be trite and just a piece of fluff that would entertain for an evening. 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Britt Robertson, Justin Long, Martin Sheen. Very few movies can actually do that to me. Go see Jason. Im extremely happy with my new body and renewed confidence I achieved through working with Jason.He personalized my workout to target my core and chest, areas that Ive had trouble toning my whole life. I happen to stumble upon As Me Anything because of my love for Christian Slater and films normally featuring a cast my age. Sexually frank, often heart-breaking and bursting with devilish humour, this is a story of identity, voyeurism and deceit, based on Allison Burnetts acclaimed young adult novel. If I had made this film I would be super proud of the result. WebKatie Kampenfelt. AB: Don't ever cast anyone in a small movie without iron-clad assurances of marketing support. I also felt like this movie left out a lot of details. "Ask Me Anything", paradoxically sounds like a door that Katie left open in her blog, unwittingly and in a search for help. That moment in our life when things start come into focus but only if we are ready to see them. I was so happy to find a personal trainer who listened and gave professional, knowledgeable fitness advice tailored to my needs. Now the movie was scheduled to start shooting in five days and we had no Katie. When Elle, battling depression, becomes convinced that Katie is actually a flesh-and-blood human being, it sets her on a reckless and terrifying course. In the end, we shot five days in October, six in November, five in December, and six in January. With my busy life style it was hard to find time to hit the gym. She's been around, but for the first time I noticed her in a major role was in 'The First Time'. Real emotions and actions of young adults, and that was so refreshing. I spoke at length with my producers, and we all agreed to give her the role. I would never rate a movie like this a 8.8/10. The Adventures of Katie Kampenfelt Im Beth from West Manhattan,NY. If we never approached her to promote, why bother with that? Britt Robertson who I have seen in very few movies such as Scream 4 and Cake. WebElle Overton, a college student, becomes obsessed with Katie Kampenfelt, the mysterious heroine of a novel she's just finished reading. I just watched this film and it surprised me. About the other guy, the depressed one, no one must pay for the sickness of the others. For the perverted Solagee, there are no words, and the father of Katie, no matter how much he really loved his daughter, he proves that he was an idiot in some aspects: you cannot talk in that way with your daughter (or any other woman).And about the end, I have the other part of the message: the last smile of Katie in the tub, even when she is so young and has been constantly hurt, shows a strong woman in the process of leave behind her past and maybe in the path of a new and better future. Elle Overton (Samantha Hanratty), a college student, has just finished Even though I'm 69 I feel 20 inside and can relate to much of what is called teen angst still to this day. Maybe it's because I can relate to it very well. I've read some of the bad reviews for this movie and I'm honestly disappointed. Allison Burnett is a rarity in Hollywood. Internet Service Terms I just have to say that it was a pretty good film, right up until the last few minutes. MY name is Jason Fiorini i have been among one of the top personal trainers in the financial district in NYC for 10 years. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. WebSynopsis. It seemed far-fetched but what did I know? I would recommend Jason to anyone! After my total body makeover I booked three photo shoots and 2 roles in upcoming films. The first thing I heard was that Disney, not too keen on their leading lady promoting a movie in which her character gets drunk, smokes pot, and has sex with three different men, had put a gag on Britt. I Came across it on Netflix. Britt is gone. I trained for hours and days on end without the results I was looking for.After training with Jason for just 16 weeks I can finally say Ive reached a life time goal. 2023 JustWatch - All external content remains the property of the rightful owner. Her colleagues are considered and keep a close eye on her odd and troubling behavior, as shes driven to find Katie and becomes more reckless with each desperate act. Go and see this film, you won't be disappointed. steve and terry andrianos; sf ferry building wifi password; homes for sale in marion county, tn by owner; how to summon rhino island saver; yard hostler training They keep me in shape and toned.He personalizes each work out to target different parts of my body such as arm, legs, core, and back. Several days into shooting, they announced Hurricane Sandy was on its way to smash New York City. AB: Britt was one of the first actresses I auditioned. The film jarringly switches gears completely, presenting itself as if the film and the negative ending were a true story. With Healthy lifestyle and a balance of proper exercise. Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt takes a year off before college to find herself, all the while chronicling her adventures in an anonymous blog into which she pours her innermost secrets. In short, this is a piece of art, such a smart and strong story, and with a powerful and multilayer message, which leaves you a mixture of deep feelings.Here you have a strong message about how easily men, and some women too, can harm other woman; the struggle of women who have been hurt and without any support of relatives, friends and society; and the incapacity of some people to read the signals of help. We get to know the character, Britt Robertson on every level. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. A planned press junket was canceled. You finally finish the movie and? Jasons expertise in the field was unparalleled. The mixture of flashbacks and her imagined life were so touching against the backdrop of her struggle with her current life. I eventually chose a newcomer with almost no meaningful acting experience. Katie Kampenfelt (Britt Robertson) is cheating on her boyfriend Rory with the older Dan Gallo (Justin Long) who has a girlfriend named Martine. I love well done teen angst movies. I was so thankful to find Jason! I was fortunate enough to see a special screening of the release and was incredibly impressed with how Allison Burnett is able to see insightfully into the human persona. And I had what I felt was an important story to tell. With a diverse variety of trainers that offer dedicated personal training, we are sure we have someone you will love taking advice from! As much as I loved directing Red Meat, I simply wasn't prepared to go through that ordeal again. WebWhen the young and seductive Katie Kampenfelt decides to take a year off before college, she starts chronicling her sexual adventures in an anonymous blog that exposes her innermost desires, shames and secrets. The movie didn't look very promising to me. She is seeing an older man, a 32-yr-old professor (Justin Long). Gyrl takes a year off before going to college, ending doesn't tie everything up. The Adventures of Katie Kampenfelt AB: The short answer is "I have not the faintest idea." His new film,, was released two weeks ago in selected theaters. But give the story an ending! When Elle, battling depression, becomes convinced that Katie is actually a flesh-and-blood human being, it sets her on a reckless and terrifying course. I watched the movie because I like Britt Robertson, a decent young actress who seems destined to play teenagers her entire career, and it has a good supporting cast. I just saw this now, on Netflix streaming movies. If we did not cast her now, however, we would lose her forever. | The only reason I went for it was Brittany Robertson. For all I know this could be a perfect adaptation of the book. At first glance it seems like a typical teen movie without any substance, but trust me it's not. Hi, My name is Niki. Certain people in her life try to convince her that she can slough off her bad habits and make a fresh start but she doesn't know if that is what she wants.It is a very smart script and Ms Robertson is very effective in the role. It is also possible to rent "Ask Me Anything" on Apple TV, Vudu, Microsoft Store online. His workouts are interesting and fun. Judge Michael Noble listens to testimony in his contempt of court hearing against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner at the Mel Carnahan Courthouse on Thursday, April 27, 2023. Im Carlos Sanchezo from Fort Brooklyn, NY. According to a press release from the Sonoma County District Attorneys Office, Katie Sorensen was found guilty on one count of making a false report of a crime on Thursday. If you plan to spend time and effort to become a better person than you were yesterday, join our team and learn under the best personal training experts today - go to Researchems! Allison Burnett continues with another classic. They are REAL. In 2009 Ms Taylor went public with the legal battle in the form of a video message to the superstar on YouTube. Maybe I'll never know the real reason. Information Studio Phase 4 Films Genre Drama Released 2014 Run Time 1 hr 34 min Rated NR Region of Origin United States Jasons personal training routine and extensive nutritional guides brought me unbelievable results. Katie Kampenfelt isnt our narrators real name. Ever since I kind of liked her, so I had no reason to skip it despite whatever the response it got. This movie is modest and deep at the same time. My name is Matt, I am a 36- year-old attorney. I really couldnt believe the amount of experience and preparation used in his exercise program.Overall, Jasons personalized health and fitness helped me to achieve my up most goals in weight loss. Even when that affirmation is true and she has 18 years, this is not best way; where is the respect that should be shown to others for her? Now that I have seen this movie I really Love Britt Robertson. Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt takes a year off before college to find herself, all the while chronicling her adventures in an anonymous blog into which she pours her innermost secrets.

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