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My second phone conversation [with him] he says, Kevin, I'm proud of what of what you're doing. The transition to a Remington brand didn't go well. But revenue remains soft in a market still saturated by the assault-rifle-buying frenzy of 2013, and Remington, in a tacit acknowledgment of its critics, has abandoned the kind of combat-oriented marketing imagery that so excited its customers. Guys like Steve Feinberg live in a different world than Dick Dyke, he told me. In an exclusive interview with TTAG, Brittingham revealed the tensions leading to his departure from the gunmaker's U.S. division and his plans. That started with getting real-life testing on stuff we were trying to develop, whether it's white tail deer or me hunting pigs, they're about the size of men. They didnt care about any of that.. I want to be successful. His goals as host are to provide meaningful, in-depth and fun interviews with actors, singers, writers and even those outside of the industry. New York May Become the First State to Ban Gas in New Buildings. Director of Residency Physicians: 1964-1980. I hear it from the guys who I work with all the time, if you could have chosen a different path in life, you probably would have been successful there too. Police in Nebraska rescued a kidnapping victim Wednesday night and arrested an Indiana man suspected in the abduction. I'm not over in Iraq and Afghanistan shooting dudes, but I can go kill stuff here, and I can do autopsies, and I can tell you what the f*ck a bullet does. By 2009, it looked like a recruiting poster for Delta Force. Everything made sense to me and I was going to put a silencer on every gun and every soldier one day would have one. Previous Post Next Post Kevin Brittingham, the executive behind a wide range of innovative products produced by SIG SAUER, has left the building. Well, not partners just Steve Feinberg, he is the partner but between the managing directors, it was a very Eat what you kill mentality.. It's like half of my customers are younger than I am. Who was buying them? The former president would likely have a better chance of defeating Biden in 2024 than he did in 2020. My primary focus, and what I love at this point, is the relationship that I've built over two decades working with dudes that really kill other dudes. He may have won the fight with Big Green, but he didn't walk away clean. Friends say he had trained in college, at Princeton, with the ROTC, parading in military drills and shooting targets with a standard service rifle, and that he had even attended jump school. Host Roy Wood Jr. and President Biden made a case for why this goofy event is important. We're going to devote ourselves to that. Successful companies are purchased by larger ones. He's going to do his own thing. I'm super-passionate about hunting at this point in my life and I see the correlation between what we do with the military and the American hunter. In 2009, the company was purchased by Remington Arms and became a part of Freedom Group. | Learn more about Kevin D. Brittingham, Ph.D.'s . KB: No. Feinbergs hunting expeditions were taking him deep into the bush, outside the range of GPS, and he needed instruction in military land navigation. Whatever it is. The courts didnt buy the argument, and last month, the judge in the case dismissed the lawsuit. Sometimes you just need bigger balls. The US Navy Special Warfare Group approached us shortly after Remington had purchased Advanced Armament from me. No, we never got the reliability 100 percent. What's the most important thing you want to pass on to your kids about firearms? Muhammad hadnt purchased his Bushmaster legally; hed stolen it from a gun store. I want to employ every smart 27-year-old kid in the industry who wants to change the world. Did your goals change after becoming a millionaire? He was bashing gun makers like B&T and Dakota Arms and such, unprovoked, because they manufacture and sell 9mm carbines which he took upon himself to ridicule and demonize. But the fear of regulation in the aftermath spurred gun hoarding, and this was good for Cerberus. Brittingham with his children, Aiden, Reese and Ryan atop Mount Washington, in New Hampshire during the summer of 2015. Join Facebook to connect with Kevin Brittingham and others you may know. Johnny Noveske certainly was. You shoot with your kids? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google In the more than two decades that have passed, he has helped to influence the silencer, ammunition and firearms industries in dramatic fashion. [25], Integrally suppressed rimfire firearms (discontinued), Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, "Freedom Group, Inc. Forms Office of the Chief Executive Officer", "Hanna Announces Remington Receives $80 Million Contract", Army's XM2010 sniper rifle gets full fielding, "The Quiet Continues: Suppressed Pistols", "Advanced Armament Corp Awarded Contract for Family of Muzzle Brakes", "300 AAC Blackout, New Caliber, New Mission", "Frank Girardot: It's Time to Get One of Those "I Voted" Stickers", They all loved the sh*t I loved. Us and maybe DPMS were making money. Facebook gives people the. POD-209275, Home Magazine Issue 25 Kevin Brittingham The Original Honey Badger, RECOIL Talks With One of the Loudest Voices in the Quiet Revolution. The margins on them were superb. As part of the Cerberus sale, the original Bushmaster factory would remain open for at least five years. Schauble won a number of military contracts for Remington Defense and helped negotiate the purchase of Advanced Armaments Corporation, a start-up manufacturer of gun silencers. Now they're adopting it. Of note, one of AAC's chief suppressor designers is Robert Silvers, creator of the PhotoMosaic. Why wouldn't you just put these on every gun? It's just f*cking despicable. Sometimes I feel like it's the other way. Behind all of this is Feinberg. Your email address will not be published. But then he took it to the next level. At that point, I had gotten into them. Rimfire models include the Aviator2, and Element2. He sold AAC to what was then called The Freedom Group (now Remington Outdoors) only to find himself fired from the company he founded. What set the expert shooter apart was the ability to read the wind. As the head of Cerberus, he personally owns a controlling, concentrated stake in the firm likely a majority. What would you tell yourself if the older you were standing next to you that day? The potential cost savings to be realized by consolidating these operations into a single, modern factory were substantial. Alas, the second time wasn't the charm. The move offered nearly $40 million in state tax incentives, but Freedom Group still struggled. [6][7] The suppressor eliminates 98 percent of muzzle flash, 60 percent of recoil, and reduces sound by 32 decibels. It's something we can enjoy our entire lives together. Centerfire rifle suppressors include the M4-2000 (used by numerous military units including the Navy SEALs), 762-SDN-6, SR series, and Cyclone (for .30 caliber precision rifles). The lawsuit over the faulty Remington trigger mechanism had forced the company to offer another recall, this time for more than 7.5 million units, and the firm ended up losing more than $135 million in a single year, for a net profit margin of minus 17 percent. Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs 1717 . Feinberg actually did live in New York, but he didnt waver either. I hope to produce better firearms and accessories to help soldiers, the commercial shooter and the hunter. I go to Super Cross every year. Kevin Brittingham is a rebel in an industry that is increasingly corporate in nature. You cannot dream of that in anything outside of maybe technology or dealing drugs. "Man, they don't make it easy with this no-ticket policy. At Remington, some of the machinery dated back to World War II. I like taking souls, what do I say? I knew to sell a silencer company to a conservative gun company would make them legitimate, and that's what I did. Feinberg wanted over a billion dollars, but he couldnt find a taker at that price. To share memories and condolences with the family, visit At Trumps fund-raising dinner at Le Cirque in June, he made the largest political contribution of his life: more than $678,800, split between him and his wife. Required fields are marked *. What We Know. You could say it means quiet, or quality, quagmire, or Q in James Bond. PLCAA granted gunmakers broad immunity from lawsuits from victims of gun violence. My parents weren't executives anywhere. I call it silencers because that's what the dude who invented it called it. What did you do for two-and-a-half years? The buzz over the all-too-familiar new platform is as much about getting out as in. It's like I love guns, but the industry is f*cking horrible, run by a bunch of people I don't like. I was watching TV at my parents' house and two shows back to back. Feinberg was trim, balding, blond, and wore a bristly mustache but no beard. CMG West, LLC The companys corporate culture is Darwinian. What about silencers versus suppressors? I don't mind managing populations. By focusing on the military market, and especially special ops, you can translate that to the commercial market, Brittingham said. I eat the stuff. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, 2023 Recoil Magazine The company was forced to settle. In 2015, Walmart announced it would no longer carry assault rifles. See, the thing is if I were richer, or I were smarter, or I were more articulate, whatever the combination of things would be, I wouldn't have the personality and attitude that I do. I didn't fall in love with guns I love the innovation," Brittingham told me during a very candid interview. In the past, Robert has also been known as Ro Brittingham, Kev Brittingham, Robert Kevin Brittingham, Rpbert K Brittingham and Kevin Brittingham. Cremation rites have been accorded and a private celebration will be held. The latter excels at the turnaround, acquiring struggling businesses, implementing management fixes, cutting overhead, and flipping them for a profit. It was a Max Atchisson design. Some of that is you have to go overboard. Dr. Thomas Brittingham, M.D. Then he shot himself in the head. It's a way we harvest deer on our farm to manage the deer. Why Did Fox News Fire Tucker Carlson? He patented the firearm silencer, not the firearm suppressor. Surveys estimated that somewhere between 20 and 30 percent of Americans owned guns, but usually just one or two. The gun never made it to the commercial market until Brittingham founded Q. Alongside the Honey Badger, .300 AAC Blackout ammunition was also developed. Dr. John Sergent, M.D. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. It's a way we provide food for our family. I'm very disappointed in that. Kenneth's net worth hovers over $250,000 - $499,999 with a . And, it was. You drive a Lamborghini. Kenneth's ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; and religious views are listed as Christian. His other car is a pickup truck. I f*cking love to kill stuff. Full Member. Im told Freedom Group reps and lawyers were on hand with security guards to lead AACs founder out of the building. They wear a suit, they drive a BMW, and I go to board meetings in flip-flops and shorts. 19K Followers, 1,427 Following, 3,402 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kevin Brittingham (@kevinbrittingham) Reactions: Kevin Brittingham and jeep94. I think, without the First you're not getting the Second. During the flood of grief that followed, an outcry erupted directed at Cerberus, Remington, and Bushmaster. Most GOP presidential candidates consider a ban unpopular and unfeasible. I don't need anybody else here like me. He's completely unfiltered, brilliant and cognizant. Robert Silvers remained at the company as a leader of research and development. But theres also heritage, and history. For now, that waste is buried in Steve Feinbergs yard. Brittingham in 1992. That's not a compensation thing. But, more so, he's an innovator; that's how he ended up on the cover of the April/May 2019 issue of Tactical Life Magazine. I know all the guys involved, he said. 6310 Blair Hill Ln, Baltimore, Maryland, 21209, United States. [20], The .300 AAC Blackout cartridge was developed by Advanced Armament Corporation in cooperation with Remington Defense, under the direction of Kevin Brittingham. KB: Oh, it totally motivates me. MPW (Multi-Purpose Weapon), a rifle chambered in .300 AAC Blackout, made with 16" and 12.5" barrels. Before being acquired by Cerberus, Bushmasters bare-bones product brochure had all the glamour of a catalogue of plumbing fixtures. Nardellis tenure at Freedom Group was disastrous. In early 2015, Brittingham was the lead play-by-play announcer on the short-lived 1CW TV show on WMDT47 Salisbury, alongside color commentator J. J. Dillon. This demographic was key to Cerberuss success. It featured images of a sniper rifle trailing smoke, a mounted machine gun, and a row of bullets emblazoned with the tagline ITS TIME TO WORK. Trumps victory means Feinberg will ascend to a position of influence he has never experienced before. Not long after Feinbergs trip to Blackwater, Cerberuss private-equity arm bought its first firearms manufacturer. He then discarded this gun and prepared for a tactical assault, arming himself with two pistols, a shotgun, and her Bushmaster assault rifle, along with ten 30-round magazines. Kevin B. complains about how much his company is spending buying triggers from other companies for Q rifles. For years, Kevin Brittingham has been the Voice of 1CW. Clearly, Brittingham valued winning from an early age. Long Live the White House Correspondents Dinner. Reed Trey Knight, III and Brittingham have been close friends for many years. What I need you to tell me, is how do I get you to 65 percent? It really pissed me off and I made an enemy of Bob Nardelli that day, because I said, Mr. I ran stuff. KB: Maybe two days ago. I loved him a lot. He had contributed to numerous Republican political campaigns. Tony Hawk, skateboarding, X Games, motocross. I think freedom of speech is probably most important. Fortunately for him, at least there was one thing that always, infallibly, drove gun sales through the ceiling: a mass shooting. They werent in it for the right reasons. When I suggested to him that Cerberus just wanted profits, he responded with indignation. What actor would you want to portray you in a movie? Where we can't do that with football or whatever, hunting and shooting we can. Looking back at the brawls, thrills, and temporary insanity of the 90s feud between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat. In 1999, he had appointed Vice-President Dan Quayle chairman of the global divisions of his firm, despite Quayles confessed lack of business experience. Why isn't your first question, how we get to 200-percent growth?. Throughout the years, Cerberus has owned controlling stakes in dozens of businesses. Click to expand. Along with suppressors and a bolt-action rifle of their own design, Q has also developed and marketed an improved Honey Badger. Despite his success with Freedom Group, 2008 was a bad year for Feinberg. Roy Wood Jr.s Best Jokes at the 2023 White House Correspondents Dinner, The Rivalry Between the Knicks and the Heat From the Guys Who Were There. Inventors: Kevin Brittingham, Ethan Lessard, Brian McDonald Modular firearm suppressor Patent number: 10401111 Abstract: A modular suppressor kit includes a modular suppressor and suppressor tool. By the end of the year, Remington Outdoors annual sales had finally passed its billion-dollar target. As part of Albanys new budget agreement, all newly constructed buildings would have to produce zero-emissions, barring oil and natural gas. He had a huge budget, no 'legacy' product lines he had to deal with, and basically given the freedom to go for it. He remained on good terms with Feinberg and had only positive things to say about his experience with Cerberus, but he conceded that the firearms side of the business had been a disaster. I would say a Ferrari is a cute car for your woman, or if you're over 60 and you starch your shirts and you crease your jeans. Interested in ecology and biodiversity of the aquatic environment, effects of land use on aquatic organisms, marine biology and natural history. DeSantis isnt officially running, but hes acting like a candidate, his Trump feud is heating up, and hes dropping hints about when hell announce. You just made me start thinking about my kids, and what I've put them through. Founder Kevin Brittingham was interested in a new round that would be extremely quiet from even a short barrel, suppressed AR-15 or M16-type gun, but still be reasonably powerful and accurate. So one weekend in late 2005, he left behind the Manhattan offices of Cerberus Capital, the private-equity firm he'd founded, and his multistory Upper East Side residence, which he was in the. I would have been more comfortable with the people. Thats possible, but the kinds of connections you needed to persuade the Feds to bail out your bad auto-industry bet for $30 billion were more readily available to graduates of Princeton than UC-Irvine. Over time, Reichert became Feinbergs friend. Dormant for two years after Remington's announcement that it would come to market, the Honey Badger has appeared again, but not with Remington. Do I prefer to shoot sh*t with a .308? I am excited to have the opportunity to talk suppressors today with Kevin Brittingham. Investors fled Cerberus. It's 2,000 guns. At that distance, he couldnt just aim his weapon at the target; he had to lob the bullet like an artillery shell. While some enthusiasts collected guns, Feinberg collected gun companies. Brittingham sold his company for nearly $18 million in a can't-beat-them, join-them (and-beat-them-from-the-inside) move. Brittingham, the founder of Advanced Armament Corporation, currently holds more than 40 patents in the firearms industry. Jay explains his life on the road to becoming a monk, collecting herbs and spices to form new medicines and botanical creams. The military-proven guns offered the buyer vicarious status as an operator, although Cerberus understood well that few of its customers actually had combat experience. Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. Since the announced closure of the North Haven factory, the quality of Marlin lever-actions has gone completely to hell, wrote one gun blogger. Give him props. Reichert, the shooting instructor, eventually left Tier 1 Group to work on a classified high-tech firearms program for DARPA. Freedom Group regularly introduced must-have innovations threaded triangular barrels, polarized scope filters, lightweight polymer stocks and customers rushed to outfit their guns with the latest in firearms tech. In the comments, shed posed the question: Who is my dad.???????. A man allegedly killed 5 of his neighbors on Friday night shortly after they asked him to stop shooting his gun so their baby could sleep. But its a risky strategy. The problem with an entrepreneur, or visionary is, when you tell me we need to make more money, my initial thought is we have to create more product, we have to create more demand, and we have to create something that people will give us more money for. His goals this time aren't acquisition as the measure of success. The White House denies it. Join Facebook to connect with Kevin Brittingham and others you may know. The gun business is almost like a fashion business for men. Learn about their background and contact information here. Having returned to Camp LeJeune in North Carolina to recuperate, Reichert started moonlighting at the Blackwater range as a shooting instructor. By Ian McCollum with Kevin Brittingham. It engraves nicely. I think it's where I'm competitive. Said they can't tell anyone what I did, but that I was no longer with the company. Kevin discusses his run in with The Cameroonian Anti-Poaching Squad in an attempt at one of the most challenging Hunts of his life. Each month, he paid an equal share of Bushmasters gross profits to every employee, from the CEO to the guy who cleaned the toilets. Kevin Brittingham is a serious name in firearms industry. It was the closest victims of gun violence had come since PLCAAs passing to holding a gun company responsible, but in the end, Cerberuss bet that the law would shield its investment turned out to be right. in 1992. KIDS Aidan Maxim, 12 Reese Maddox, 10 Ryan Madsen, 9, FAVORITE GUN M4/AR15 Chambered in 300 BLK, 1980S Top twenty ranked BMX racer from age 6-12, 1996 Graduated Georgia College w/degree in Political Science, 1997 Founded Advanced Armament Corporation, 2014 Prevailed in Lawsuit and Appeal Against Remington, 2014 SIG SAUER, President Silencer Division, Your email address will not be published. I'm surprised my brothers were smart enough to get us through . The attorneys for the victims families argued that Freedom Groups marketing, with its aggressive slogans and its fetishistic imagery of SWAT teams and Special Forces operators, was a large-scale example of negligent entrustment and that Remington had cultivated a dangerous and uncontrollable demographic with predictable results. The same survey estimated that members of this demographic owned, on average, 17 different firearms. KB: I like to kill sh*t. If you want a simple answer, there it is. Theres no doubt were taking customers away from the old Bushmaster base, Dyke said. Kevin Brittingham (November 26, 1974) is an American professional wrestling commentator, currently signed to First State Championship Wrestling. Feinberg downplayed his wealth; Trump exaggerated his. I don't f*cking care. Mt. Cerberus set out to create it. Kollitides needed a fix, quickly. One of the keys to Feinbergs success was his focus; Trump had the attention span of a mayfly. It's just what I like. The company wanted silencers and military contracts, something Brittingham could bring. Blue rolls into wrestling match - "I haven't been to a Cape wrestling match in 40 years," said Eugene "Blue" Brittingham from his wheelchair prior to the William Penn match Wednesday night. SIG SAUER welcomes Kevin Brittingham to lead its new SIG-SD Silencer business unit, as well as other special programs within its Military/Law Enforcement development activities. We all hunt together. KB: They lead me out of the building with a bunch of people, plain clothes with guns. Then he went to Sandy Hook Elementary School and shot his way into the school, killing six adults and 20 schoolchildren, all with the Bushmaster, in less than ten minutes. He has been working with them for more than 25 years, over that time f. Before he went into the gun business, before he started buying assault-rifle manufacturers, before he expanded into scopes and silencers, before he rolled up 18 of Americas most lethal companies into a single conglomerate, before he funded a private military base, before the massacre, before the investor revolt, before the recalls and the product defects and the bad press and the lawsuits before any of that could happen Stephen Feinberg, the billionaire financier, had to perfect his shooting technique. E. Jean Carroll questioned by Donald Trumps lawyer. His net worth is a matter of debate. So, I've gone through the last 22 years trying to sell some of those products. KB: I'm going to build accessories, silencers. His fashion sense would develop in tandem with his ability to influence the firearm industry. Jul 24, 2010 2,288 4,706 44 Michigan. The MCX, why 300 Blackout exists. Now Feinberg, 45, wanted to get into the field. By 2009, both companies were in financial peril. No matter what, he's always motivated by two primal urges: love and a deeply primitive sense of competitiveness. KB: I don't give a f*ck. I hunted. Also, there isn't much he hasn't seen or done. In early 2016, Donald Trump unexpectedly decapitated the Republican Party, and GOP power brokers were forced to choose sides. They had plainclothes guys with guns and they bring everybody up front in front of my office, which was all glass, which they led me out of the building and then they tossed my sofa and everything. Owning a gun business doesnt just affect ones reputation it also affects ones ability to own other, less controversial businesses. The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters. Two years later, three Freedom Group executives gave a million dollars each to the NRA. You feeling all right? In the bankruptcy auction of Remington Outdoor Company in September 2020, the company was sold to JJE Capital Holdings, LLC. Theyre great for urban encroachment, said the companys founder, Kevin Brittingham. Its the investing equivalent of toxic waste. Without the fear of a Democratic president seizing their guns, theres no need for hoarding. Feinberg was saved by Obama. In June of this year, the companys latest CEO, Jim Marcotuli, stated the obvious: Were not for sale.. Kevin Brittingham, Radical CEO "I think the gun industry overall is very boring. I come from mean people, and I'm the youngest. And, like fashion, the real money was in the accessories. After receiving information from police in Indiana that 52-year-old William Brittingham of DeMotte, Indiana may be traveling west through Nebraska with his victim . It's short. February 11, 2022. You must respect my authority, Justice insists. Kevin was the head of an entire class of products from a company that had never offered them before. The problem was I sold to Remington. In '97, I started manufacturing cyclic rate reducers for the M16. Many were using equipment and methods that hadnt been updated for decades. Brittingham drives a Lamborghini Huracan as a marketing and recruiting tool for his new company Q. I didn't grow up with guns. I'm pretty bold. He was joined in this request by the California State Teachers Retirement System, a key Cerberus investor and one of the largest pension funds in the country, which threatened to pull its money from the firm if it didnt divest from its gun investments. Its like handbags for women.. Kevin Brittingham founded Advanced Armament Corporation in 1994 to manufacture sound suppressors. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. AAC was a big part of the normalization of suppressors and had unique, forward-thinking marketing campaigns that created a raving fanbase. Right now Robert is a Manager at Vans INC. It never occurs to me to cut cost. Firearms & Survivalists Lifestyle KB: I'm scared of letting people down who believe in me. And, she's mad cause she's not named after a gun. It's like, I don't know, it's a small part of my brain. Freedom Group used its integrated brand portfolio as leverage. Fuck these guys. At Blackwater, his instructor was Steve Reichert, a Marine Corps infantryman and decorated war hero who was one of the best marksmen on Earth. Caribou Media West, LLC At approximately 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 8, the inmate, Kevin Brittingham, 55, of Newton, was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the jail. Bryan received a Associate of Arts degree from De Anza College and a Bachelor of Arts from San Jose State University. He'll be the first one to tell you he's a mixture of both of those attributes. Marketed to civilians as the ultimate combat weapons system, many of Bushmasters gun builds were modeled after the weapons used by Americas Special Forces. ft. Kevin Brittingham & @BrandonHerrera THE HONEY BADGER -er- THE CREATOR OF THE HONEY BADGER KEVIN BRITTINGHAM IS H. KB: I tell you, what I was doing at 30 is no different than what I'm doing right now. Cremation rites have been accorded and a private celebration will be held. They led me out of the building, I think not as much for me, but the way the office was set up was not too different from here. There's probably truth to both. Let's just say that signing off on the cost of a (kick-ass) Star Wars Tie-Fighter themed conference room wasn't something that washes down with a two-martini lunch. Feinberg shunned the press; Trump sought publicity wherever it was to be found. So, too, did every other gun-industry executive I spoke with. I named the company Advanced Armament Corporation. Kevin Brittingham doesn't care if you read this. And that's how Reed Knight became a billionaire. John Day from Freedom Group is rumored to be the . KB:I think it hurt a lot. Royal Printing is part of the Business Services industry, and located in Maryland, United States. Then we're going to go from there. The CEO, whose company is betting big on artificial intelligence, tells Kara Swisher that hes more worried about humans than machines. I tried to make up for a lot of sh*t that I missed. Expect awesome shit.". Silencers were still a stepchild in the industry. A catalyst was the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, pushed by NRA lobbyists and passed by a Republican-controlled Congress in 2005. Its impolite to call your customers wannabes, said the former Cerberus insider. When the five-year agreement to keep the original Bushmaster factory open expired in 2011, the plant was shut down almost immediately. Because the rim of the cartridge is identical, the same bolt and carrier can be used for both cartridges. Yeah, but then you got a bigger, heavier gun. That or the older specwar 7.62. He was responsible for the commercial popularity . Kevin Brittingham founded Advanced Armament Corporation in 1994 to manufacture sound suppressors, having previously been a distributor for GEMTECH, another suppressor manufacturer.

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