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As such, Tmaki rp, including most of Ngti Te Ata, abandoned the area and sought refuge with whanaunga in the Waikato or Hauraki beginning in the mid-late 1820s. Ko Arekahnara tku haona kaha Ko Kemureti tku oko horoi Ko Ngruawhia tku trangawaewae. [9] One of Pita and Tirimata sons was Te Mahara Pita Mahu who was very active in claimant for Ngati Te Wehi. Ngati Raukatauri, residing at the coast around Moehau. Upon his death, his people, known as "Ngti Te Wehi", moved South West of Aotea Harbour, some stayed at Makomako, Te Papatapu and Motakotako. To appreciate the dynamic nature of Ngti Te Ata Waihua we must first acknowledge Te Whakapapa o Ngti Te Ata Waihua. (1) A single long line sets a minimum limit to the period covered by the line, i.e. At the same time I was conscious of the fact that any further information I am able to supply you would always be coloured by the discrepancies alluded to. When he announced his intentions however, he received no support, it being contended that peace had been made; but Te Wehi was not to be cheated of his revenge, & set out to Waikato to obtain assistant from that tribe. Waiharapepe married Matakore, brother of Maniapoto. In the first there are six intervals; therefore the period from the birth of Rereahu to the birth of Rora must be at least 120 years. Although neither the whakapapa nor history I provided in this post are definitive, they both highlight the indisputable Ngti Te Ata claim to mana in Tmaki. The above table is set out in chronological form thus:. The interval between father and child may therefore be anything from 20 to 70 or occasionally 80 years. Source: Commissioned Drawing Two. Large tracts of confiscated land owned by other Ngti Te Wehi descendants are still to be addressed with the crown as the Great Te Wehi coveted more land with the killing of Toa-angiangi[24] and added it to his huge holding. If this minimum were reduced to 18 years, the difference would be 10 per cent, or a matter of 50 years in the whole history from the great migration to the arrival of the. Te Tiriti ki Waikato-Manukau | Waikato-Manukau sheet. Hne Waitere) before signing the Treaty of Waitangi was also signatory to 35 acres of land sold at 4 for the Wesleyan mission at Te Kopua on 5 May 1840,[13] & Sold 10,000 aces with other chiefs to the crown on 2nd Dec 1857 called Te Wharauroa Block, 410 was paid by John Rogan on behalf of Queen Victoria over 4 years. The beginnings of both Ngti Poutkeka and Ngti Te Ata were unions between descendants of the Tainui waka and early Tmaki peoples, meaning that Ngti Te Ata has a dual whakapapa. It should also follow that the accuracy of the dates assigned must increase in proportion to the number of genealogies and the inter-connections between them. Tutehe=Tuparahaki, Kumaramaoa=Punakiao, Tamangarangi=Haua, Kaimatai=Rorooterangi, Te Ahuwhakatiki of Ngaiterangi Tauranga, Family tree. The given name of the marae is Hukanui. 1941. For tangata whenua, understanding whakapapa gives an individual or group the key to the door to enact the mana of their tpuna and collective. The school opened in 1898 and appears to have closed by July 1904, due to sickness of its teachers,[20] though a replacement was appointed in April that year.[21]. Huatau was part of the Ngti Kahukoka hap of Ngti Poutkeka. Parehikitanga & husband had three children, Te Urumahue a daughter, Ttemahurangi & Te Moke. Today Ngti Te Ata Waihua still exercises mana and kaitiakitanga in the aforementioned Ngti Kahukoka rohe from the entrance of Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa to the mouth of the Waikato. Auckland City Libraries Heritage Collections: Kura, Auckland. Also, Kawana (governor) George Grey commissioned a ship to service the Waiuku-to-Onehunga leg of the trade route. John and his adoptive iwi Ngti Apakura sought refuge in Ngti Te Ata rohe, among other places, after their settlements were destroyed, people killed or imprisoned and their land stolen following the Waikato War. At one point, the Ngti Huarere waged a war with the Ngti Hei. Ngati Te Wehi iwi continue to seek redress with the Crown and Waitangi Tribunal over grievances during the New Zealand Wars and European colonisation. Most employees work for its commercial arm, Arahura Holdings, of which Tumahai is chief executive. "Loading - Collections Online - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa", "Mere pounamu - NZHistory, New Zealand history online", "Chapter XI. Tirimata was given the Chieftess title after the death of her father Mohi Karuwhero a great grandchild of Tahuariki and Tokoreko. It must be stressed that no charts can ever be considered final, because there will always be some unconsidered genealogies. Whatuturoto typically lived at Te Pane Mataaho but sometimes resided on the coast of Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa (the Manukau Harbour) from Maungataketake (Ellets Mountain) to Puhinui, an area which includes whatutroto near the famous Ihumtao. The sky is the roof The earth is the floor The rear post stands at Pikit The central post stands at Ngtira The front post stands at Trukenga, at Te Ngkau The front barge boards fall toward Te Wairere and Horohoro. Te Wehi has been known to have had 3 wives, but his principle wife was Mariu who bore Te Hauwhangairua, Te Paipai, Tokoreko, Paiaka, Te Whakamaui, Hineketu and Te Rangitauwawaro. Source: Richardson, James D. Photo 4-7731. A map showing Te Pae o Kaiwaka (Waiuku), and the surrounding area. Ngati-Huarere and Ngati-Hako met them in battle at Te Rae-o-te-kowhai, south of Coromandel (between Manaia - 39 and Waikawau, also called Te Motu-kowhai=clump of Kowhai trees). Figure 17 - Muriwhenua's Pa & Cultivations 15 . This effectively fixes the time of the migration, and at the same time indicates that four generations were present on the canoe. The name of the taiaha of Koura. Achieving this by securing back a sacred dog skin war cloak or Kahu Kuri[3] (dog-skin korowai were the most prestigious of Maori cloaks) also a war club or pounamu mere,[4] items that no other local chief could obtain but by the mana(prestige) of his father Pakaue, who got killed for them anyway by Tautini-moko (the son of Tuahu-mhina, the local Kawhia Chief) who was jealous as he was refused the High Chiefly and sacred items. As such, Ngti Te Ata became an important and powerful actor in the Waikato-Auckland trade route that saw Waikato produce feed the growing colonial city, . According to ancestor's, Ngti Te Wehi became an iwi after he had regained his father's Mana and made connections to his granduncles Wharetiipeti and Tapaue of Ngaati Mahuta. Potatau Te Wherowhero, first leader of Te Kngitanga and descendant of Tapaue. They are the principle iwi of The Aotea Harbour Aotea Moana tribes, maintaining close ties with Ngati Reko, Ngati Mahuta, Ngati Whawhakia, Te Patupo, Ngati Te . Te Wehi is the founding ancestor of the Ngti Te Wehi iwi. Ko Pootatau Te Wherowhero te tangata Ngti Koata whakapapa back to Koata who lived near Kwhia in the 17th century. If the husband of Pahoro is assumed to be a different and earlier man, and the families are separated, all the difficulties disappear. There would be a very interesting study in the comparison of charts produced independently in different districts, as connections are to be found between all. As a result of the isolation of most of the Tainui country following the Waikato war, it is likely, as Princess Te Puea suggests in her foreword to Kelly 7, that the Tainui traditions, still virtually a closed book, are preserved in a purer form than some others. Description: Includes whakapapa on most iwi by waka, a parliamentary speech `The Maori Magna Carta', the creation of the `Maori Education Foundation' and the `Primary School Bulletin'; also includes a letter from Te Puea Herangi and a sympathetic letter from a woman who had an affair with a married man, Wally Jones Quantity: 1 folder (s). 1 September 29th - 100 Thieves sign Cryocells and bench Will. . This paper is based on material which formed an essential part of - 46 the investigation of the tribal history of the Te Awamutu district. It was a short-lived conflict with peace quickly being somewhat reinstated. . Each name has the prefix 'Ko', which is not part of the name and has 'his mark' following the moko or mark. In March of 1822, a Ngpuhi taua, including the infamous Hongi Hika, attacked the Awhitu peninsula and was defeated by Ngti Te Ata on the Waiuku Awa . STUDY. as shown above here). PLAY. This seems unlikely if not impossible. Signing this document was an assertion of Ngti Te Ata mana and rangatiratanga. Decades later the korowai cloak & Mere were secured in a round-a-bout way by the rightful owners and placed in Ruakuri, one of three famous caves at Waitomo, but when this cave became known to Europeans they were both removed by Te Moerua In the second there are two intervals, and in both intervals the parent is a male; therefore the maximum for the period is 160 years (extreme), with 140 years a more likely limit. Through the intermixing of Tmakis earliest inhabitants and people from the some of the significant migratory waka, like Tainui, came the Ngti Poutkeka people. Enough has been said to demonstrate the principles and the method, and also to give some idea of the degree of approximation attainable. An extension of the above genealogy appears thus:. Mr. Kelly 18 states that Pikiao married a Tainui woman, Rereiao, who lived on the slopes of Pirongia, where Hekemaru was born and spent most of his life. Gravity. Ngti Whare is a Mori iwi of New Zealand. We krero around the whakapapa, and find out some interesting facts about Hamilton place names along the way. It was a short-lived conflict with peace quickly being somewhat reinstated. Although at the time Ngti Te Ata did not anoint Te Wherowhero as kingi, we still supported our whanaunga, for example, when we acted as a guard of honour for him on June 3rd 1858. Therefore, Ngti Te Wehi is connected to & supports The King movement Te Kingitanga,[28] as one of Ngti Te Wehi Marae 'Okapu Marae Te Kotahitanga Ngti Te Wehi' are part of the 29 Marae who hold an Annual General Poukai, 14 March of every year. Matiu was taken as hostage in 1822, in which after Nga Puhi took him back to Whangarei and he was raised my a Chief there as his own son. Annotations indicate that the whakapapa was compiled by F D Fenton "Senior Judge C.C." probably in reference to a claim to the Compensation Court under the New Zealand Settlements . Horouta Waka landed in Turanganui A Kiwa (Gisbome) around 1350AD depositing the sacred gods of the voyage in the. WETERE, Tita Taui, 1948. Write. So Paulo, city, capital of So Paulo estado (state), southeastern Brazil. | A ritual restriction on a certain area or resource to protect people from dangerous tapu or to protect and conserve a resource.

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