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. In addition to above, American March Browns and Slate Drakes have started hatching. We did a side trip at the north entrance to Whitetop. Even on the rare day when the trout refuse to cooperate, the experience of being on one of Virginias most beautiful streams makes any trip worthwhile. Click Here To Order or Call us at 800 594 4726 or email us at sales@perfectflystore.com. occurring. The special regulation sections are fully accessible recreation facilities with wildlife viewing platforms and streamside wheelchair accessibility making Whitetop Laurel available to all anglers. The terrestrial become important about the middle of June through September. Creek Junction, an access to both the Virginia Creeper Trail and the Appalachian Trail, is reached by the dead-end Creek Junction Road, just east of Damascus, Virginia. We received one good report from a customer fishing this past week. Stream levels are a little high butshould fall down fast.Send us an emailfor a recommended fly list.sales@perfectflystore.com12/21/20 Stream levels are still high.Stocked trout are still being caught alongthe railroad track.01/03/21 Conditions are the same as inthe last report. There are a few Grannon Caddisflies that hatch in March. Size 14 prince beadhead nymphs will work all year. Midges and winter stoneflies are hatching. 19/15/21 Stream levels are in okay shape again with clear water. The Straight Branch area receives more fishing pressure than Taylor's Valley due to its proximity to Damascus. Both the section along the old railroad bed and the wild trout section are turning out good numbers of trout. 03/21/22 The stream is flowing near a normal level in good shape with hatches of Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, Little Black Caddis, Blue-winged olives, and Little Brown stoneflies. 05/20/22 Steam levels are just a little above normal level and lightly stained. I've also often heard small-stream fishing characterized as "easy," almost always by anglers who seldom do it. The Dirty Sally represents a number of small yellow/tan stonefly and caddisfly species, and doubles as a Sulphur imitation in a pinch. Plus, two special regulation sections exist (12-inch minimum size limit, six fish-per-day creel limit, single hook artificial lure only) as well as three segments managed as stocked trout water. We have been getting lots of good reports from customers fishing the stocked and the wild trout sections. 03/22/34 The stream is down below normal level and clear. Directions Location: Adjacent to Damascus Town Park, located at 301 South Beaver Dam Ave., Damascus, VA 24236. This creek offers 7 miles of stocked water in addition to 5 miles of special regulation water in Mount Rogers National Recreational Area. While Beaverdam is smaller than Whitetop Laurel, its fishing rivals that of its larger neighbor, especially for wild browns. Stovall says he prefers a 3-weight fly rod with a 7-foot, 6-x leader for Whitetop and Green Cove Creek. There are also plenty of Light Cahills that hatch in late May and June. Two special-regulation sections begin here, as well as several spectacular fishing stretches. 06/04/22 The stream is down to a normal level in good shape. 07/23/21 The stream is still in good shape with normal levels. The headwaters are in the Konnarock portion of the Mt. A road doesnt follows the Taylor Fork Sections. We received several good reports prior before the past heavy rain. Please see the bottom of this column for ordering options. There are good hatches taking place and both the stocked and wild trout sections are turning out good numbers of trout. If you want to fish better, more realistic trout flies, have a much higher degree of success, give us a call. Both sections are turning out good numbers of trout. Hatch may be occuring. From October through March, I use acinnamon colored caddis for a dry fly and am successful in the mornings until about noon. Tennessee Tech found overwintering brown trout per surface area in numbers equaling or surpassing Utah's Green River and the White River in Arkansas. We received one good report from the wild trout section and two from the stocked section along the road. Other factors that enhance fishing include special regulations and little fishing pressure. Descubra lugares para visitar e explorar no Bing Mapas, por exemplo, Whitetop Laurel Creek Virginia. Later that afternoon the stream became slightly discolored from trail runoff, the fishing declined, and we called it a daya pleasant, soggy end to an exceptional Whitetop Laurel weekend. If you mountain bike this would be your jam, great alt bike loop. Those big browns dont have much room to roam when you hook them. You will see the trout go nuts over the spinner falls late in the afternoons. Through tagging and conservation efforts, the quality of many historic bonefish fisheries is improving, as is our understanding of the species' movements and patterns. . Unlike the generic fly shop trout flies, we have specific imitations of all the insects in the White River and in all stages of life that is applicable to fishing. Watch and wade with us as we chase bonefish on the sand flats of the Bahamas and tag them on the grass flats of the Keys. LP gas available. There are several ways to make this double tackle, but this , 2023 Coastal Angler Magazine Franchising, Inc. All Rights Reserved, https://dwr.virginia.gov/waterbody/whitetop-laurel-creek/, Enter To Win A Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 With A Suzuki DF4 Outboard. The browns are the major attraction at Whitetop Laurel. Whitetop Laurel Creek flows from Mt. The upper special regulation area runs from the first trestle located above the upper gate in Taylors Valley upstreamto Green Cove Creek. Recently, I spent a morning on Whitetop and a major tributary, Green Cove Creek, with Zac Stovall of FeeldTrips Outdoors in Damascus. That rod is perfect for the swift, shallow water that exists here, he says. 01/08/22 The stream is near a normal level in good shape. Stream levels are okay and the good winter time hatches of midges, winter stoneflies and BWOs. If you provide a budget for flies, we will select them to match the budget and get them to you on time for your trip. More than 6 miles of the creek are designated as wild-trout waters. On Whitetop Laurel, where sparse hatches are the rule rather than the exception, hatch matching isn't as important as hatch approximation, where the sporadic hatches require attractor flies. We received two good reports from customers fishing yesterday. But as pristine as the setting is, the Virginia Creeper Trail runs along much of the stream, making it one of the most accessible wild trout fisheries in the state. One of the first mayflies to start hatching are the Blue Quills. 01/23/2020 Sorry for the missed reports.Currently, stream levels are down to goodlevels and lots of trout are being caught bythe few fishing.02/16/2020 Stream levels are a littleabove normal but falling. Laurel Creek flows right through town and the people are all laid back type folks that cater to hikers and anglers. We have been getting good reports of catches before the high water levels. The Wilderness Society has designated the area as a "Mountain Treasure". Within the special regulation sections, anglers have the opportunity to catch brook, brown, and . Fish the Whitetop Laurel in an upstream direction using the up and across casts avoiding the unnatural drifts. Both streams will make you understand why the long drive to this area of the state is well worth it. Seasonal beaver ponds in this stretch provide exceptional "micro-stillwater" fishing. Good hatches including American March Browns, continue to take place with good stream levels. Orders over a $100 are shipped free via Priority Mail. Learn to tie the Sparkle Caddis Pupa with master tier Charlie Craven. The creek is located in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, so there are lots of other activities nearby if you want to make a day of it. Monitoring location 03472260 is associated with a Stream in Washington County, Virginia. Whitetop Laurel Creek Hatches and Trout Flies:Our information on aquatic insects is based on our stream samples of larvae and nymphs, not guess work. Most stocked trout range from 10 to 14 inches. Wind Gusts 5 mph. The land, part of the 19th century Mexican land grant of Rancho Caada de Pala, was donated . Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash. The Whitetop Laural Creek can be easily fished all year long. The pH of the water is good and there are several mayflies and caddisflies that reside in the creek that you wouldn't expect to find in most Eastern Appalachian mountain freestone streams. Rising in the confines of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Whitetop Laurel Creek begins as two tiny feeder streams: Little Laurel and Big Laurel. Their elusive behavior, expert camouflage and skittish personalities make bonefish the quintessential poster child for shallow water sight-fishing. DGIF Marion office (276-783-4860). You will go back into Virginia and come to the intersection of 725 and 726 where you will again see the Whitetop Laurel Creek. Locked padlock 19 golf courses and Michigan Space Center nearby. There are several neat places to stay and eat in the area. Went the whole way but watch died! Whitetop Laurel Creek is a creek in Jefferson National Forest, Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Appalachian Mountains, Blue Ridge, VA. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. 30 reviews. Summer:We suggest you fish the higher elevationsin the summer months.Fall:Fall is an excellent and a beautiful time tofish the Whitetop Laurel Creek.Winter:The trout can be caught throughout thewinter months on warm days. Whitetop Laurel Creek is one of the best Virginia trout fishing streams - perfect for Virginia trout adventures whether you are fly fishing or spin fishing. The Blue Oak Ranch Reserve, a unit of the University of California Natural Reserve System, is an ecological reserve and biological field station in Santa Clara County, California.It is located on 3,260 acres (13.2 km 2) in the Diablo Range, northwest of Mount Hamilton, at 1,500 ft (460 m) elevation.. Follow us and be up to date with upcoming giveaways & outdoor news! The Silver Shadow. Good hatches are taking place. They normally hatch from about the first of May through June. The Story of the Whitetop Laurel Band of Cherokees Whitetop Mountain, located at tristate VA, NC, TN border. At the Whitetop Laurel Fishing and Viewing Area, the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail converge, providing easy access to the surrounding forests. The hatch last about a month but is usually not very heavy but enough to get the trouts attention. The Great Autumn Brown Sedges start hatching in October and can last until December. We base fly suggestions on imitating the most plentiful and most available insects and other foods at the particular time you are fishing. 07/08/21 The stream is a little low but we continue to get good catch reports from customers fishing the wild trout section. For one reason they have both the true Sulfurs and the Eastern Pale Evening duns, both called sulfurs by the locals. You will have to hike up or down the stream. Good hatches continue to take place. 06/03/21 The stream is flowing near a normal level and clear. I like to hit them during the summer with small hopper and beetle patterns, which the trout slurp with amazing regularity. Whitetop Laurel has one important wild-trout tributary, Beaverdam Creek, which flows northward out of Tennessee to join Whitetop in Damascus. Recommended Tackle & GearFly Line:4,5or 6weightLeaders:Dry fly: 9to 12ft., 5or6XNymphing:71/2ft.,3or 4X, Streamers 0-2XTippets:Dry fly: 5or 6X,Nymphing: 3 or 4X,Streamer0-2XBest Fly Rods:Perfect FlySupreme Four,SuperbFiveorUltimate SixFly Reels:For4/5/6 fly lineFly Floatants and Misc Items:Floatants, KISS Strike IndicatorsTools & Accessories:Nippers, forceps, retractors, etc. If trout are rising, fish a dry fly but if you dont see any insects or trout rising you are probably better off fishing a nymph. 08/07/21 The stream is still turning out some good catches for our customers in the wild trout section. 728 for 1.0 mile to parking area at end of road. Located in Washington County in far Southwest Virginia near Damascus and Abingdon, Whitetop features mountainous scenery and classic trout habitat with plunge pools, runs, and pocket water. In the late 1830's, Sizemores are said to have taken in Cherokees who escaped the Trail of Tears. We hope you give them a try if you havent already done so. These are the most important caddisflies. 04/06/22 The stream is on the way up due to recent rain but we have been getting good reports from the wild and stocked sections. Learn to tie the Pheasant Tail Nymph with master tier Charlie Craven. The Appalachian Trail and Virginia Creeper Trail follow Whitetop Laurel Creek through a . They are plentiful in some areas of the creek. Spring:The best time to fish the stream would beduring the months of April and May whenthere are a lot of hatches occurring and thedry fly fishing is great. Good winter stonefly and midge hatches continue. Letort Crickets and Hoppers, Harry Steeves's Firefly and TransparANT (two Virginia patterns), and various beetles work throughout the summer. A National Forest Permit is required on some sections of the stocked portion of stream. 12/31/21 The stream is up and stained due to recent rain. Its fairly easy to fish from the banks or by wading in most areas, although some of the pools get rather deep.

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