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A Dialogue between the East and the West


Violeta Fernández Rodríguez



Violeta Rodríguez Fernández, an Eastern Asian Studies graduate, with the litheness of an enviable youth, investigates the influences of Japanese art in the European plastic disciplines at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, focusing on painting. Impressionism, Postimpressionism and the remaining Avant-garde movements were under the influence of the country of the Rising Sun, and some names stand out especially, for example: Van Gogh and Miró, who succumbed to the spiritual suggestions that Eastern art portrays. Very curious is the case of Picasso, who throughout his life denied any Japanese influence. However, his work contradicts his words, as seen in this book. We find ourselves before a much-needed approach to the points of tangency between two very distant cultures, and in appearance, so different as the European and the Japanese. Lastly, this book deals with the Japanese traces in modern architecture, very present, as shown in the Schindler House.

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